Quality in Medical imaging (week 9-11) - Odense

The title of the elective:
Quality in Medical imaging

ECTS point:
5 ECTS-points

The elective will take place:
Week 9 – 11/2019

The theme of the elective:
Technical image quality

Learning outcomes:
After the elective the student will have knowledge about:

  • Models for improvement
  • Specific technical parameters in own area of specialization
  • GDPR

After the elective the student will be able to:
Evaluate image quality

  • Apply interdisciplinary cooperation when working with the technical aspects of image quality
  • Discuss ethics in quality improvement

Learning activities:
Classroom teaching, case study work in own area of specialization, guest lecturer with special knowledge in models for improvement or image quality.


  • The elective will content teaching in different areas in quality in medical imaging for instance, models for improvement, understanding of different parameter in image quality, focus in own area of specialization when working with another profession.
  • The elective will be evaluated in an oral examination in Danish or English depending on the participation of international students.
  • The elective will be held in English when student from Erasmus Radiograph Group attend.
  • The elective will end with an oral examination – this will be in danish for danish students.

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Dato og tid25. February - 15. March (week 9-11)
StedUCL University College, Campus Odense, Niels Bohrs Allé 1, 5230 Odense M
Varighed3 weeks for 5 ECTS-point